Mystery Lurks...

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We build strategy games and RPGs set in interesting periods of Japanese history. We use games to bring Japanese history to life in a way that books don’t.


Something Different...
Ōdachi Games is an independent game studio formed and operated by game designers and Asian Studies scholars who think their work is pretty interesting. We feel games are a great way to share that interest.

What’s an Ōdachi?
Ōdachi are long, often back-slung Japanese swords used by Samurai to fight from horseback. They were four to five feet long. (1.5 meters)  Due to their size, special techniques were used to forge and polish them. Isn’t that cool?

Our History
Ōdachi Games is an independent studio that builds games and software for entertainment and education.

Is It Fun?
We make games that are just really fun to play. In designing games, our intent is to bring a history or culture or language to life. However, fun always comes first – you can learn after you’re having fun.